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Worry free

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Stop threats with comprehensive protection

We take care of:


  • The optimal configuration of your cybersecurity services

  • Administration of security consoles for:

    • Attend and report security incidents that arise

    • Monitor the health status of your equipment and generate periodic reports

    • Report incidents on demand

  • Provide the vision of a cybersecurity specialist not only in terms of product, but also in industry standards

Designed for overwhelmed IT teams


  • Visibility and control of workloads

  • Cloud-based protection with automated updates

  • Single console for endpoints, mobile and extended detection and response (XDR)


  • Protection against ransomware software and advanced attacks with high-fidelity machine learning.

  • Automatic data correlation across endpoints and email powered by AI

  • Security Analytics and Threat Intelligence with Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ XDR


  • Named leader for endpoint and email detection and response

  • Our up-to-the-second intelligence network protects more than 250 million endpoints

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